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Finding the perfect home in Jacksonville, Florida can be a daunting task, especially if you are unfamiliar with the nuances of each neighborhood. Hill Street Realty works with each individual family to understand their unique requirements. You will undoubtedly find the best neighborhood to fit your lifestyle and accommodate your family.

Though a common misconception; a house is not a dream home because of its size or location. It’s a dream home because of the way, you feel when at the home; whether or not you can see your life unfolding there. That is why Hill Street looks beyond the property, to provide your personal dream home.

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We will personally guide you through your home buying journey so you are prepared for every step. As an experienced, certified realtor, he will explain procedure and protocols so as to avoid unwanted surprises in the process. Providing his clients with a wealth of knowledge about the local area and housing market keeps his clients up to date and informed when making life changing decisions. Giving you the tools to succeed in the current housing market, Mark is dedicated to helping his clients find their dream home in their dream location.

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